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Do you know how some people are frequently happy, positive and happy in their lives whereas the others wanted to but do not know how?

Here are some simple NLP tips that you can get started. By the way, it will only WORKS if you DO IT.

1. Recall Past Events/Occasions that make you feel ‘X’

If let’s say you wake up one morning and you drag yourself to school or to work but you wanted to feel happy instead. The steps are:

(i) think of a past event/occasions that you feel happy

(ii) Relive that event as though it’s happening right now, seeing and hearing the details you can observe

(iii) Enjoy the feelings arising as long as you can

Note: Choose those events that can give you a high intensity of positive feelings. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the most intense, you want to choose those events that have the scale of 8 and above.

2. Surround yourself with Positive Triggers

Ask yourself this. Do you have a favourite piece of music or song? Play it in your mind right now. How do you feel. Good?

The trick to keep yourself in a positive state any time you want is to surround with triggers that make you feel good. In NLP terms, such triggers are called Anchors. Some examples:

1) Pictures (Visual Anchor) – keep some pictures in your phone, place on your working desk, etc. where you feel good looking at them. It can be your love ones, your past achievements, etc.

2) Song/Music (Auditory Anchors) – play these in your portable players when you need them. Keep a list of songs/music that put you in a positive state.

3) Smell (Olfactory Anchors) – some people loves to smell perfume, shampoo, coffee, tea, etc. and if they don’t smell them early in the morning, somehow they felt something is not right.

3. Let go of Negative Events

If you encounter event that turns you off or upsets you, how can you feel good again?

Here are some steps:

(i) Recall this event

(ii) Place this event on a movie screen and imagine that you are watching this event with you acting in the movie

(iii) Imagine making the movie screen smaller by shifting it further and further away such that it becomes so small that you can hardly see. You will be pleasantly surprised that you don’t feel anything negative at all.

4. Think of your past Achievements

Most of us are may be too critical of ourselves such that we only remembered what are the things that we did not do well rather than things that we have done well.

Think of 10 successes that you have achieved in the past that you are very proud of yourself. Have such events recorded in photos and videos and put them in places where you can see/hear them any time when you need them.

5. Focus on things that you have

How you feel is all directly related to what you focus on in your mind. Let me give you an example: 1) List down 5 things that you do NOT have in your life right now, 2) List down 5 things that you have right now and you feel totally gratified that you have them. Which ones make you feel good? Things that you don’t have or things that you DO have?

The Secrets to Transforming your Life are not rocket-science.

Whatever thoughts that you have will lead to how you feel inside. How you feel inside will lead to how you behave and every behaviour and interaction with the environment and the people around you will determine your life and the cycle repeats itself.

Start with a positive thought each day by asking yourself what are you grateful for today!

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