Rival Opportunities

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We’re competitors ourselves and face competition in every sphere of our lives. But how do you view the competition?

Unfortunately, most people view competitors as the “enemy”. If you’re seen fraternizing with someone from a competitor company – having a beer during happy hours, for example – your boss might have a talk with you. You might even be seen as disloyal and viewed with suspicion.

We all know in order to up our game, we need accomplished mentors – people who’ve been there, done that. If you’re fortunate enough to attract someone willing to mentor you – great! Your learning curve might be steep but immensely shortened. That said, we don’t usually get to select our mentors – otherwise, every stock investor will be queuing up outside Warren Buffett’s door, every entrepreneur will be hounding Richard Branson, and so on.

However, why stop with a traditional mentor? Widen your net.


Besides a mentor, one of the next best people to learn from is your competitor. But unlike your mentor, you can select which competitor to shadow.

These are some potential advantages of learning from your competitor:

  1. You gather options on how to tackle challenges and opportunities.

Most businesses have a given modus operando; a methodology they employ almost automatically. For example, when orders increase, when workload increases – management adds new headcount. How many people are willing to review their work processes; to streamline and wring out greater efficiencies? Perhaps your competitor is taking a different approach than merely adding head count.

  1. You add to your knowledge and expertise.

Instead of embracing the “I know best” mantra – which most owners of micro-businesses are guilty of – you could evaluate what the competitor is doing, cherry pick and build a more competitive strategy and action plan.

  1. Your competitor will drive you to excel.

Remember during your school days how you used to gamely compete with your schoolmates. Recall how you pushed them and they, in turn, propelled you to do better.

It’s common wisdom – spewed by many luminaries – that you need to compete with yourself and secure incremental improvement. However, do consider the context in which they give this advice. Their advice is valid, provided, you’re already the top dog.

But consider this example: If your competitor is pulling sales of $1 million and you’re doing only $500,000 – would you rather compete with him or with yourself?

In passing, consider this fictional conversation:

Are you a fast runner?


Are you sure?


You’re very sure you don’t have the potential to run lightning fast?

“Very sure.”

Okay, now imagine a fierce dog is chasing you. Are you a fast runner?

:-) :-) :-)

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Mind over Matter

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Athletes train to keep their bodies in prime condition.

Your mental faculties – the brain – also needs to be constantly exercised and honed to optimum performance.


<< The biggest differentiator between mediocre and meteoric performance is the ability to work productively for long stretches of time >>

Quite often, and increasingly now, all of us have to work long hours. This could be due to heavy workload, to meet project time targets and a dozen other reasons. Of course, between these spurts of intense activity, one needs to take time out and recharge.

But you need to prepare for the sprints.

You need to intentionally develop your mental faculties and stamina. Only then can you effectively compete with those who have systematically built up their endurance over decades in the business world. Only then can you compete with the best and best them.

How do you build up mental faculties? How do you psyche yourself, discard negative baggage that holds you back and realise your full potential?

It’s simpler than what most people reckon.

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Transform Yourself for the Better

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As a young man, Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary firebrand. The apartheid government of South Africa imprisoned him.

Video clip source: Movie – Invictus

Instead of turning bitter and vengeful, in Nelson Mandela’s own words:

“In prison all of my jailers were Afrikaners. For 27 years I studied them. I learned their language. Read their books, their poetry. I had to know my enemy before I could prevail against him and we did prevail, did we not? Our enemy is no longer the Afrikaner. They are our fellow South Africans. Our partners in democracy and they treasure Springbok Rugby. If we take that away, we lose them. We prove that we are what they feared we would be. We have to be better than that. We have to surprise them with compassion, with restraint and generosity. I know, all of the things they denied us but this is no time to celebrate petty revenge. This is the time to build our nation using every single brick available to us.”

Instead of radicalizing him, prison transformed him – into a revered world leader.

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Great Philanthropists | You too can be one

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What is a philanthropist? Who are the most famous philanthropists? You too can be one.

The Gates (2)

The Giving Pledge lists the names of people – all billionaires – who have pledged to give away more than 50% of their wealth.

Some have more to give; others have less to give; and, some have nothing to give.

Nothing? Is that possible?


Meng, who worked as a mechanic in a local SME, was reluctant to work overtime and that upset his boss, Sylvester.

When time came to knock-off, Meng was usually the first out the gate and because of this, Sylvester usually marked him down during the annual performance reviews. Meng would complain that he worked very hard and unlike the other mechanics, he was never late for work, never disappeared for “smoke breaks” and always completed his tasks faster. He was quite unpopular with his co-workers.

This year was no different and when Meng saw his low performance score, he protested, “I’m never late, always punch in on time!”

“And you always punch out on time too!” retorted Sylvester.  

“Aiyah, you always give me work at the last minute. See, even that job came in yesterday,” said Meng, as he pointed to a gearbox on the wooden crate. “Now, you tell me the customer wants it tomorrow.”

“Hey, you’re only a mechanic, don’t tell me how to manage my business.”

“Aiyah, sorry-lah, boss, don’t be like that but if you’d told me earlier, I can prioritise my work.”

“You’re so rich, you don’t want overtime, is it?”

“Boss, don’t be like that, I want the money but I’m also doing charity work,” replied Meng.

“Charity? You’re so rich is it?”

“Aiyah, money always not enough, boss, but I do all the repairs in an old folks home,” said Meng, “the electrical, the plumbing, the painting, the grass cutting and everything.”

“Just do as you’re told!”


Who is the rich one, who is the poor?

Giving is more than merely giving money. A person who gives his time to help others is also a philanthropist.

Unlike money, when you give your time, there are no tax breaks. Unlike money, when you give your time, you cannot earn it back. When you give your time, you touch people in ways that enriches the recipient and you, the giver. Giving one’s time to help others – anyone and in any small way – is the greatest of all gifts.

When you give your time – you give away a part of your life. You join the ranks of the great philanthropists.

Perhaps Meng could have handled the situation better but then again, Meng is “only a mechanic”.

As for Sylvester – if he could not give his time, at the least he could help Meng give his.

Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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