Procrastination is a Habit

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I have a Plan

I have a plan


Plans and ideas are a dime a dozen. Everyone can come up with plans and ideas. Quite often these are nothing more than wishful thinking. Not that there is anything innately flawed about the plans or ideas – but because, these people don’t go beyond grandstanding.

“I want to exercise.”

Then, they complain about not having the time. But it’s so easy to exercise. All they have to do is to use the stairs, instead of the elevator, to reach their apartment. Alternatively, get off one MRT station or bus-stop earlier and walk the rest of the way home. Once home, they cool down, relax, take a shower and they’re done!

“I have a plan to lose weight.”

Good idea but that never takes off. There are many reasons why one cannot lose weight. Lack of exercise. Too much intake of food and/or the wrong type of food. It could even be one’s genes or a medical situation. Check it out. Identify the root cause and you’re nearer to attaining your goal.

“I have an idea on how to do that.”

Okay. Do it! Do something – anything! Even if you fail, you’re one step closer to success. Every successful person had traveled the path of failure.

And yet, most people – the vast majority, the ninety-nine percent – do not work their plans.  You know such people – people who always “plan” to do something “tomorrow” or “next week” or “next year”.

The root cause is Procrastination.

Procrastination has buried more great plans than bad luck, bad timing, or even incompetence. You see, even if a person is incompetent, if he did something and even if he failed miserably, he would still be one step closer to success than someone who never took that first step.

Here is a little secret.

Procrastination is not a disease – it’s a habit! It is a human condition born out of one’s environment, the company one keeps and one’s learned habits

Here is a second secret.

ALL of us can unlearn debilitating habits as surely as we can learn empowering habits.

You can discard the bad and acquire the good habits.

Moreover, ALL of us are talented beyond what we believe or even dare to believe. All we need to do is to discover what our talents are and exploit them for our benefit, our success.

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NLP and Business Success

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In our daily race, many behave like hamsters on a wheel. Doing, doing, doing. Churning, churning, churning. Missing, missing, missing – the angels that enter our lives.

Here is a true story narrated in the first person but using fictitious names. Thanks to the self-made financially free person who shared this story.



Many years ago, I was dragging myself home, my mind filled with dozens of worries. My ventures had failed and we were down to the last dollar…literally!

I bumped into a friend, Heng, an old classmate whom I had not seen since schooldays.

I remembered him as the boy with the scaly skin (Ichthyosis Vulgaris) whom everyone shunned. It did not bother me and we became fast friends but lost touch after he moved (back then, no telephones or social media).

Heng greeted me with a wide smile and we even hugged. We were both in a rush and promised to keep in touch – but never did.

I still recall that fleeting encounter, his brimming smile and the joy in his eyes. Perhaps he was happy to see me but I think it was more to do with Heng – always a happy boy, now a happy man.

I could not fathom then but felt a great unburdening of my heart.

When I reached home, my wife remarked that I looked cheerful – something she had not seen on my face since our troubles started.

There was something about that encounter with Heng and I felt an intense drive and found ways to overcome my problems. It was tough going but I celebrated every small success. Whereas previously, I saw the cups as half empty, now I saw only half full cups.

Whenever I felt myself sinking into despair, I would recollect that pleasant encounter and snap out. It made me feel better and I never looked back. I did this repeatedly. Negative thoughts – snap! I felt more positive and kept going. In time, I managed to rebuild my business.

Years later, in a pensive moment, the thought occurred – an angel had touched me – in the form of my friend. Thanks to Heng, I made it.


The narrator refers to his friend, Heng, as an angel.

Sometimes all we need is a trigger to bring about a certain change in mind-set. What was once relegated to the realms of angels and magic is now fully explained by science.

When the narrator said, he would “snap” out of his negative thoughts and emotions, he was actually resorting to a NLP technique.

For the uninitiated, NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is a powerful and secret “mental technique” used by the world’s top leaders in the arts, in the professions and by police agencies, among others.

Trained practitioners of NLP can employ this technique at will. Many of the world leaders – great persuaders – use NLP techniques and so can you.

This mental technique has the ability to pull you out of despair and set you on a positive “can do” path that lead you to become a top performer in your area of endeavour.

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