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A few days ago, on my way to my office, I walked past a young lady in a wheel chair. She is probably in her mid-20s and she was selling tissue papers. It’s quite common that you will encounter old woman/man selling tissue papers in hawker centres, interchanges, etc. I took a quick glance at her and we made a brief eye contact. She wore glasses, a simple pastel-coloured dress and looked extremely skinny for her age. I continued walking thinking ……. After about 30m past this lady, for some unknown reason, I just felt that I should do something for her. I walked back to her and told her that I wanted a pack of tissue. She asked me whether do I want the wet tissue or the dry type. I told her that I wanted the wet tissue and asked her how much is it. She told me “A dollar’. I took out a dollar coin and wanted to pass to her but I found that she has slight problems moving her hands. Eventually, she took out a little pouch and wanted me to drop the coin inside. I did. She looked up at me, smiled said politely “Thanks. Have a nice day”. I replied “You too” and smiled back. I am not very sure how many packets of tissue she is able to sell. But I just felt that she is a strong lady, making her own living, smiling despite her disabilities and how others may looked at her.

Let me share with you a video about a armless pianist:

Looking at these people, ask yourself this question: “Is there anything you want to complain about your life?”

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