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Have you ever encounter some events in your life that totally changed your perspective of life, how you see things, and how you see people?

Let me share with you 3 short stories of how I escaped death 3 times:

Story 1

I was a student then in a local university, National University of Singapore (NUS). It all started when I have severe right pain on my right sole. The pain got worse and I have problem walking. I saw a bone specialist in NUH (National University Hospital) and a couple of white spots were found in the X-ray of my right foot. The doctor said that it could simply be nothing or it could be life threatening. To ease the pain, one of the nurses uses a spray to freeze the skin of my right foot and inject me with some medicine to ease the pain. I would have fare better without the injection, I started limping. After more tests and X-ray, the doctor draw conclusion that it was not life-threatening. I was only in my early 20s.

Story 2

A couple of months later, I remembered clearly that it was a cold day after a heavy shower. I was standing at a cross-junction outside Lakeside MRT Station, on my way to work in the evening after the day classes in NUS (I was studying full-time and working part-time). While waiting for the ‘Green Man’ to appear, something extremely hard hit me. It felt like someone has used a brick to hit my head. It took me a few seconds to gain consciousness. By the time I was aware of what’s going on, blood started to flow down my cheek. I looked around and saw a skidded motorcycle where the rider, as well as the pillion rider, were lying on the floor bleeding too. I fainted and by the time I gained consciousness, I was lying in an ambulance, staring blankly at the ventilating fan on the ceiling while listening to some beeping tone from a device which tracks my heartbeat. My neck was tightly fitted with a neck brace. I asked the medical officer what has happened. He said I might have been knocked down by a skidded motorcycle which has gone up the footpath. I might have been luckier if I buy Toto. The journey to the hospital seems like a long time with flashbacks running through my mind when I was young and I caught myself asking myself whether am I going to die in my early 20s? I ended up in Alexandra Hospital and I was monitored for the next 48 hours. The doctor was concerned that if I vomit within the next 48 hours, it means that there is internal bleeding in my brain and I will have to go through surgery to remove the blood clot. X-ray showed nothing and there was no signs of any crack on my skull. I survived the next 48 hours.

Story 3

It happened a couple of days ago when there were some symptoms that something was wrong with my urinary system. I went online and started to search for information. There were 3 possibilities: infection, kidney stones or cancer. I went to see a doctor and got an X-ray immediately. While waiting for the diagnostic report to be out, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics. While waiting for the report to be out, I suddenly felt that I should get some things in order if the worst happens – get a will written up. My days are as usual then – working and spending time with family. As you are reading this, I have just obtained the medical report. It was an infection and I have to be put on another course of antibiotics. Phew! One thing for sure, my will has to be written.

My father has died due to stroke and heart attack while my mum died because of terminal stage lung cancer. I have no wish to die young. My girl is only 2.5 years old and I wanted to watch her grow up. There are so much things meaningful to do in life. I do not wish to go to heaven yet. As Steve Jobs from Apple has said during his Commencement Speech in Stanford University, ‘Everyone wants to go to heaven. But no one wants to die to get there.”

So what has it got to do with NLP?

Ask yourself this question, do you have friends who like to complain about life and what they do not have? Or do you have such challenges?

The moment you have discovered what you are here for and what’s your purpose in life, life becomes meaningful. That’s when your behaviour will totally be changed and thus your destiny.

Have a great week and LIFE!

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