Hi Friends,

I have everything to be happy about, I am healthy, I live in a peaceful country, I have a wonderful amazing family, a loving relationship, two adorable dogs that I love so very much, a stable job.

Yet, I have always felt that something is missing.

For the past few months, I felt uninspired, restless. Perhaps that is why I love to travel, it allows me to run off somewhere, an escape.

In The Happiness Project, when Gretchen Rubin wrote “the days are long but the years are short”, she spoke right to my heart.

Inside, I was screaming, for I saw the years past me by, and yet, I felt that I have not achieved enough. I felt that there was more outside. I was starting to get restless.

I have hit MID-LIFE CRISIS at the age of 29, and I felt like packing my bags and running off to Africa!

Instead, one evening in April this year, I found myself together with my boyfriend, sitting at the front row of Cayden’s Preview to NLP. That night, my boyfriend and I decided to sign up.

Fast forward to current day, third week of August, I have since completed the 6th day of the class.

I realized that there was really no need to run someplace to find happiness, it has to come from WITHIN.

Wherever you Go, there you are.

These days, whenever I find myself in a challenging situation be it at work or in my personal life, I remember that

“The map is not the territory”, and instantly, from within, I feel happier, lighter. I feel more forgiving, and I find myself curious about everybody else’s map of the world!

I have come to realize that Happiness is a funny thing: too much of a good thing makes it boring, and too little makes it depressing. Hence, we always need the good, the bad and an environment of growth to keep us inspired and hopeful. Most importantly, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Some days, I get it great, and some days, it may be a stormy day. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter, so long as I keep on walking.

I started my own Happiness Project a month ago feeling lost, insecure and unsure. But today, I feel inspired and excited for what I shall discover.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves -Henry David Thoreau-

My adventure has begun, and I haven’t even left home. Here’s to exciting times ahead!


Ping  (NLP Batch Swish 26)

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