Dear Friends,

Do you have a dream that is sprouting from your mind, making you wonder for days and weeks whether you should go all out to pursue your dream, and in the end you decided not to come up with plans to achieve it, because with the current situation you are facing, it just SIMPLY FEELS IMPOSSIBLE?

Well, can Audrey Hepburn say something to remind you?


Have you ever wondered to yourself what would happen if your dream can change the world?

A very good example of a person’s dream which changed the world would be…


Isn’t it amazing? We have yet discovered another person who said the same characteristic about crazy people, besides Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers mentioned in our previous post. Have you ever wondered…….

If these people had given up on their dreams, what would happen?

There might be a possibility that there’re no planes, and traveling by sea to another country would take days. And now, who’s the one who invented ships?

Cruise ship

No iPhone, no computers, we would still be using typewriters, or even using ink and papers. Who invented typewriters, inks and papers?

paper and ink

Living in total darkness with no lights, only with the help of candles. WHO INVENTED CANDLES?


Look around you, aren’t all the things that we are using right now created by someone initially? Do they just pop out instantly out of nowhere?

No matter what items they are…

Each and every one of these evolved from somebody’s dream, and all of these crazy people have ONE thing in common. All of them are normal humans like us who started with a small simple idea, which seemed an almost impossible dream initially. However, with their perseverance to achieve their dreams, we are now able to own/do these things that they created.

What is your dream?




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