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I have been out of action in this BLOG for a while. It has been very very fruitful for the past few weeks. I would like to share with you an amazing event:

Venture into Jakarta
One of our graduate, Endang, has finally realised her dream of conducting training in Indonesia. It all started off Endang setting a goal to start a training company to train children in Batam. Obstacles came along the way, and I am glad that she is able to used our NLP tools to overcome the obstacles. Not only that, she sees the opportunity in Jakarta versus Batam. Frequently, I would get questions on how to get opportunities. As you are reading this, you may have similar queries as well. It’s plain simple. Opportunities are everywhere and they may be right in front of you right now. They are just invisible to you because you do not possess the positive filters in your mind to see them. You may be wondering what are these filters? One of them is ‘Belief’. Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? I know you do. Let me ask you this question – “Do you 100% believed that you can be your own boss?”, not 99% but 100% or even more. If your answer is anything lesser than 100%, that’s when your negative filters will start to block you from seeing any opportunities because you believed that it cannot be done. The moment you believed that it cannot be done, your mind stop searching since it cannot be done. That’s when opportunities ‘disappears’.

Check the photos below and you will see how all of our graduates grab hold of opportunities, take massive action and have FUN!


In addition, it was also a good opportunity for me to create an awareness of my company’s NLP training. After our 2-days training, the participants were so appreciative that I was treated like a celebrity – many of them just queued up just to have a photo taken together with me. WOW! See some of the photos below:




It’s 2:33am now and in a few hours time, you will be heading off to work. Let me ask you this question: “Do you love what you are going to do?”. Work is going to fill up more than one-third of your life. If your answer is “Yes”, then you are really the rare few. If your answer is “No”, keep searching.

Let me share with you how you can find what you really love to do, your true passion by attending our Free NLP Workshop NOW!

Check out what they say about my NLP training.

Cayden Chang
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