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It’s really been a long while that I have updated this Blog. Looking on the positive side, I have really been busy with work and launching new programmes. Recently, have just shifted to a new cosy office and I am quite excited about decorating it to be my dream office.

During my recent Swish 13 batch, one of our graduate shared a video about this young woman by the name of Jessica Cox. Listened to this, she flies an airplane, she is a black-belt Tae Kwon Do, she drives a car and ……………. she has NO HANDS! YES! NO HANDS!

No Arms No Limits!

Let me ask you this question – does this lady believe that she can fly a plane without hands? Does this lady believe she can drive a car without hands? Does this lady believe in herself that she can change the lives of others?

So do you believe in yourself? So do you believe that you can do anything?


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