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How’s your week so far?

It must have been great! If you don’t feel likewise, you must have missed out reading this article, “The Habits of Supremely Happy People”!

Here’re some points that I have learnt from the article, and you might want to take note and apply into your daily life too!

1)      Surround yourself with other happy people!

We do feel happy when people around us are happy, don’t we?! It’s like how a smile is contagious!


2)      There’s this Japanese Proverb mentioned…


It’s amazing how Happy People can manage to fall down seven/several times, and they are still optimistic and get up again and use other methods and ways to get around it UNTIL THEY SUCCEED no matter what other negative voices they hear! Do you have friends who are like this too? I do know a handful, and i find them very inspiring and I simply LOVE hanging around with them!

Are you one of the pessimistics, who give up after failing only once? If so, it’s time to surround yourself with happy people and change your mindset!

3) Happy People let themselves lose track of time.


I find this point very relevant to me. Here goes a bit about myself…

I am a person who dreads exercising and finds it a waste of time. Last year, i only went to the gym ONCE, and i kinda sweared that I would never exercise again. HAHA. Only recently, I’m being introduced to Zumba, and after influencing my friends to join me as gym companions, I finally stepped into the gym again!

I came to love Zumba, and felt very HAPPY exercising, and now I visit the gym at least once a week to workout to keep a healthy lifestyle!

I remember there was once I enjoyed myself so much that I got carried away and went for Zumba 4 times in a week, and I didn’t feel tired at all! I enjoyed myself so much, and it seems that I’m in this joyful state called “Flow”, which happens when one is immersed in an activity that is concurrently challenging, revitalizing and meaningful. Truly enough, I felt accomplished ever since, and most importantly, I came to appreciate my body more and LIVED HAPPILY EVERYDAY FEELING GOOD!

Is there any activities/occasions that made you encounter this state of flow?


Fitness dance

This links back to the example of the previous point~ Exercise gives you endorphins, and Endorphins make you happy! Now, I know why I feel happier after exercising. More reasons for us to exercise now!

5) Move Away from all Kinds of Technology For A While


Life is hectic for us, especially when we are living in Singapore. Everything is fast-paced. With the help of technology, things move even faster in our life. Sometimes, we should stop using Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio, etc for a while, and spend some time with the nature instead. Unknowingly, it would help us to de-stress and recharge ourselves for the challenges we face in life, which in turn helps us to discover ourselves and become a better person!

So, stay away from your computer and handphone for at least 15mins after reading this post, and make use of this time to recharge! =D

life challenges

Have a GREAT start for November!

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