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As I was walking in Shopping Malls today, I realised that almost all the Christmas Trees have disappeared and some shops have already started selling Chinese New Year Decorations. What was missing was probably the Chinese New Year songs :)

Well, I have always appreciated time as that’s the only thing that we have and money can’t buy. This is more true after I was lucky to survived Renal Cancer. It was an unforgetable year in 2010 more so for me. Now I have 2 birthdays to celebrate now. My original birthday and my 2nd ‘birthday’ (10th Aug 2010, a day after National Day) where I had my surgery to have my tumourous left kidney removed.  I felt as though I was reborn again. It was a good reminder what’s important in our life. I am going to have this reminder for the rest of my life just by looking at the 20cm wound after the surgery whenever I bathe. I looked at it positively. I remembered that before I was discharged from the hospital previsouly, another patient by the name of John, in the same ward told me – ‘I believed that after you have walked out from here, you will inspire others with your story’.

In NLP, Values (what’s important in our lives) drive us and motivates us. I have encountered too many people who have problems with procrastination, fear, worry, etc. One important factor that can helped them is for them to know EXACTLY what’s important to them. If it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and one’s life or a loved one’s life depend on it, all expectation and fear will just fade away. If it’s UNIMPORTANT, procrastination and giving up is a common phenomena. Don’t waste your time then. Do something else that is more meaningful and makes you happy. In addition, our Values will change across time. Most apparent is money. As we grow older, yes, money is still important probably to maintain our lifestyle and our health, but what we may find more important is our health and family. If health and family is more important, these became our focus and our activities will surround these focus.

A few days ago, I came across this TV Show called ‘Life Reconstructed’ on Channel U. I watched the 1st episode and you can watch the online version here: http://video.xin.msn.com/watch/video/life-reconstructed-episode-1/1gqz83lev. This is another reminder of what may be important in our life. Salute to the lady, Tania Hoaching, who started the non-profit organization home for the unfortunate children. She knows exactly what’s important in her life and how her work will change the lives of others.

Do you know what’s important in your life?

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