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What can you be if you have Dyslexia?

Recall the few stories that I have shared previously:


If you lack normal ability to learn (read or write), what can you become? I know someone who has dyslexia. Because of his inability to read or write properly, his primary school teacher thought he was lazy and trying to fool around in school. His friends called him ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’. His poor family background did not helped him either. How would you feel this happen day after day? What has become of him now?

ANSWER: He now runs a Inline Skating Business and an Outdoor Adventure Club Business. He was featured on TV and he married a ex-school teacher.


He grew up poor, and his family moved around a lot while his father looked for work. He, like his mother, suffered from dyslexia and was put into the remedial classes at school. Because of his dyslexia, he did not do well academically, so he focused on athletics and competed in many sports. A knee injury destroyed his hopes of a promising athletic career. Was that the end of him?

ANSWER: He starred in various movies and probably the most unforgettable ones are ‘Top Gun’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘War of the World’, etc. He is ……… Tom Cruise.


When he was young, he didn’t breeze through school. School was a torture and nightmare for him. His scores on standardized tests were dismal, pointing to a dismal future. He was embarrassed by his dyslexia and found his education becoming more and more difficult. What can a person who can’t even learn properly have a future?

ANSWER: One of our ‘Roadmap to Success (NLP Singapore)‘ group member Kristiaan Johannes got it correct. He is Sir Richard Branson. Read one of his book called “Screw It Just Do It”. He is also the 1st person in the world to make space travel a reality. Search for his company called ‘Virgin Galactic’.

If a person spent his/her lifetime complaining about what he/she doesn’t have, start thinking about what talents/assets that he/she has for a change and how to make full use of it.

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