What is NLP?

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What is NLP? by Richard Bandler

What is NLP? by John Grinder

The 2 co-founders of NLP (Richard Bandler & John Grinder) talks about what NLP is. If I may summarised for you, Richard Bandler in his video defines “NLP is the study of the Structure of Subjectivity” whereas John Grinder defines “NLP is the Modelling of Excellence”. You might be confused especially when you watch John Grinder’s video which is why you can’t learn NLP just by reading books, listening to audio CDs or learning online.

Let me share with you how NLP has already influenced you without you knowing in your daily life. If you drive along the road and you see red traffic light, may I ask what will you do? You will definitely say “Stop”.

The question is “Who told you to stop?”. Answers that I get from my participants range from the law, the driving centre, traffic police, etc.

All the answers are correct. The driver has been trained to stop when they see red light. In NLP perspective, the information you see (ie. red light) goes through one of your 5 senses (ie. Visual) which is the “NEURO’ of Neuro-linguistic Programming since information is communicated via our nervous system.

When the information goes into our mind, we unconsciously label our experience as “Stop” which is the “LINGUISTIC” of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Our right leg then automatically step on the brakes because it has already been conditioned or “PROGRAMMED” to do so.

If you can programme your mind to step on the brake, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast or even do a Banji Jump. You already have the ability to programme your mind to be constantly motivated such that you can make more money, excel in your career, gain confidence, improve your relationship, etc. It’s a matter of HOW!

Studies show that NLP skills can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally.

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