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By Chris Dreyer

Anthony Robbins is born Anthony J. Mahavick in February 29, 1960. Self-help writer, professional speaker and occasional actor are just some of the qualifications under his belt. With his best-selling books, he managed to touch and changed numerous lives, introducing the science behind the sense personal awareness. Robbins is known as a writer of topics that focuses on health and energy, overcoming fears, the power of effective persuasive communication and relationships. Through his numerous infomercials, he has become a worldwide phenomenon, promoting personal development with his audio programs and motivational seminars. He primarily makes use of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP and various hypnosis techniques in his claims of personal awareness. A good communicator, speaker, healer and life coach, Robbins combines his skills with unconventional and conventional persuasive techniques to promote personal change.

With only high school education in tow, Robbins have managed to create an empire with his gift of better understanding of life and human nature in combination with his excellent communication skills. His first vocation, being in sales, was his initial practice of his inherent knowledge of persuasion. His fondness for personal growth books only helped him develop and refine is remarkable ability to promote positivity and confidence from among his listeners and readers. In 1983, Robbins was have grown interest in NLP, a then new and promising technique that is claimed to be effective in promoting instant and positive transformation by directly altering the unconscious “programs” of the human mind.

Robbins has started practicing NLP in his career after learning its principles directly from its co-founder, John Grinder. Working with the perception that human capabilities is relative to his self-awareness, such principles have significantly helped him refine his thoughts, which eventually has catapulted his career and popularity. As one of the practices of NLP, Grinder has convinced Robbins to look into firewalking. From the principles of NLP, Robbins has later on introduced NAC or Neuro-Associative Conditioning, making use of the term conditioning rather than programming. He claims that “conditioning” implies that the subject has a greater responsibility for his or her own change while “programming” accounts the change to someone else.

Robbins was drawn into the principles that NLP entails since it very much applicable in his practice of promoting self-help. He then took the principles of NLP in his series of television and radio programs, which have significantly helped NLP be widely accepted by the public. Understandably, Robbins had faced the lashing words of skeptics. In response, having witnessed the dramatic change that NLP has brought in improving the way his supporters lived their lives, he publicly challenged his critic psychiatrists to work with their toughest patients or case in front of live audience. In the said program, Robbins has cured a woman of her phobia of snakes, a case that were handled by a professional psychiatrist for years. What’s amazing is that he had cured the woman in only fifteen minutes. From then on, the public has grown interest in his seminars, books and whatever he is working on.

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