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Whenever I conduct seminars or workshops, I consistently get 2 questions from the audience:
1) How come I always did not have opportunities while others have?
2) I have watched “The Secret” many times, but how come I am still unable to attract the things that I want if Law of Attraction really exists?

There is no “Secret” really. It is a known fact that has been converted into a “Secret”. Let me explain in simple terms. Recently, I have been conducting Social Media Workshops to share how businesses can increase their revenue by using free Social Networking Sites such as Facebook. Assuming that all the users have the same amount of knowledge on how to use Facebook. The question is why some could ‘see’ opportunities in this platform while others couldn’t?

Let me share a 2 reasons out of so manyn of them:
1) Goals/Vision – Goal setting is so important and yet simple that many people take this for granted. If you have a clear goal of what you want, your ‘radar’ around your Goal will be switched on. In other words, your brain will automatically be on the alert mode such that you will be able to see anything (or opportunities) that is related to your Goal directly/indirectly. Some uses the scientific term Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) to explain the exact portion that puts the brain on high alert. Play this simple activity: while you are reading this, what are the items in your surrounding that are white in colour (Your goal)? You will realised that you start to pick up items that are white (Opportunities come to your awareness). If I did not ask this question, all the white items are NOT in your awareness. Last evening, I just make 1 single neuro-connection in my mind that could increase my company turnover by 50% even in a economic crisis.

2) Beliefs – Is the current economic situation a crisis or an opportunity? Everyone would say that it’s an opportunity. But when I ask what is the opportunities that they see? Most of the trainees have problem answering that. So how does Beliefs allow someone to see opportunities? Assuming that 2 people share the same goals, one would not see opportunites if that person does not believe that he can reach the goal and vice versa.

Let me share with you a real life story of a trainee of mine. In this current economic crisis, he sees an opportunity to start a loan company (he has a Clear Goal right from the start) with a paid-up capital of S$200,000 such that he can help more people as more people are in need of money during bad times. But he has no money. So how can he start a company with S$200,000 to start making money with NO MONEY??


If for a split second that you think it’s impossible, that’s your Limiting Belief blinding you from making this a reality, which is why one does not spot opportunities at all. So do you know how he did it?

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