Motivation Strategy

Want to know how to motivate yourself, motivate others, build rapport and influence others?

One of the secrets of success lies in understanding the sequence of thoughts of how you and other people think inside the mind before you or others act.

For example, ask yourself this question and think it through in a sequential manner. What are the sequence of events that have taken place before you purchase your watch, your shoe, your shirt/blouse? Was it something you see? Or something you hear? Or it’s just a feeling? Continue to ask these questions and you will realise that there is a sequence that has taken place before your make a decicion. Interesting, isn’t it?

Imagine the application that you can have to make yourself stay in a peak performance any time you want. Imagine a scenario that you can build rapport and influence other people positively in any way you want. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile and meaningful for you? For more information, you can read this article Basic Motivation Strategy.

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