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Our Brain Relies On Visual Memories.

Thanks to one of our NLP graduates, who has asked me a couple of questions about the human brain. Let me share with you a DVD titled “Brain Story” by BBC if you want to go in depth about how our brain works without taking a degree course in Biology or Neuro-science. Watch this for a start.

If your listen attentively to the narration, it describes the NLP Communication Model. In the video, it states that “our visual brain is a 2-way street”. In other words, whatever we perceived in our head not only comes from what we see but also what we expect to see (retrieving information from our stored memory). This is described in our NLP Communication Model where the IR (Internal Representation) of any event is created from what we visually see as well as our past memories (which is one of our filters that distort, delete and generalise).

Imagine if you have visual memories that are negative that generate fear, procrastination, anxiety, limiting beliefs, etc., then what you perceived will be negative. If you have visual memories that are positive that generates confidence, drive and empowerment, then what you perceived will be positive. Let me ask you this question – if you feel negativity in your life, does this help you to get the results that you want? Of course NOT. As such, to generate the success in wealth, relationship, personal development and health, you MUST know how to change your perception of the world such that you can change them. So how do you do that?

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Our brain is really amazing. “Change your mind and you can change your world!”


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