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Secrets? Really? Is this article going to be another one of those that I have read somewhere?

Well, it’s a personal story of myself and it’s my Beliefs of Success. Who am I? In a nutshell:

My story started where I was brought up in a extremely humble family where my father was a fishmonger and my mum, a hardworking homemaker. Throughout my education, I survived on bursaries and getting a new pair of school shoes was a luxury. I was a obedient child at first but during my teenage years, I became a video game addict and fell into bad company. I did badly academically that I have to retake my GCE ‘A’ levels 3 times. No school is willing to accept a retake student. I did so much better during my 3rd attempt and managed to get myself into a good university. I borrowed money and worked relentlessly with a couple of jobs during my school days to fund my tuition fees and my daily expenses. My father passed away because of a heart attack when I was in Year 3 of my undergraduate studies and my mum died 1 year after due to terminal stage lung cancer. After I have graduated, I was deadbroke and owed a huge debt. I worked a couple of jobs day & night and repaid my debt within 1.5 years. I was penniless then, but it was one of the best moment in my life.

I worked hard and I eventually graduated with 3 Degrees (2 Bachelor Degrees & a Master Degree) and was even honoured a Singapore National Award called the ‘Lifelong Learner Award’ from the Minister of Manpower, Mr Gan Kim Yong, in 2008. I was subsequently featured in “TODAY” newspaper, “938Live Online News”, “938Live Radio Station” & “Mediacorp Xin.Sg”. I have also co-founded an award-winning educational board game (Ministry of Education Innergy award 2003), which was featured in “Channel 8”, “Channel U”, “Kids Central” and “LianHeZaoBao” .

After working previously as an employee for more than 10 years, I left my last job as an Assistant Vice President in a listed company to start my company called ‘Mind Kinesis Management International LLP’ which runs Mind Kinesis NLP Academy and Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy focussing on training people in the arena of NLP & Value Investing. I am now Financially FREE!

Talking about a better life?

In July 2010, I was diagnosed with Renal Cancer. Despite having this disease, I continued with the launch of my 1st charity project in August 2010, where I donated all of the sales proceeds of my book titled ‘Do You Have What It Takes to Be BOSS?’, to ‘The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund’. This project was featured on 938Live Radio Station ‘The Living Room’ and Straits Times. My fight with Renal Cancer was subsequently published in Straits Times ‘Mind Your Body’ and I was also interviewed on 938Live Radio Station ‘A Slice of Life’.

I am currently happily married with a little girl and I am living the life that I have always wanted.

Well, it’s my personal experience and these are what I felt that they will be useful for you:


Before I left my previous company as an employee, I remembered vividly that there were occasions when I shared with my colleagues that one day, I am going to make in 1 day what people make in 1 month in this company. They all laughed with disbelief. “How is it possible?” they said. It has been a number of years now and the amazing thing is that I can make in 1 day their 1 year’s salary. It’s not the money that’s is important, it’s what one believes in. The logic is simple, one only do things that one strongly believes in and vice versa. If one did not believe in what he can do, he simply do NOTHING and nothing is what he gets. If one strongly believe in something, he is definitely going to do something about it. Before I started my Training Business, I was warned by my colleague, out of 10 people who runs a business, 9 failed. Unfortunately, I only think that I will be that 1. Another champion speaker whom I met from a Toastmasters Club shared with me that he previously left his job and became a professional speaker, but it was tough and he gave up after 1.5 years of struggle. Out of good intention, he shared with me that if I can survived for 1 year as a Professional Speaker, I am damn good already. I DID!

Does doing something guarantees success? May and may not. But one thing for sure, if one does Nothing, it’s a sure Failure.

So what do you believe in?


“It’s not my fault”, “Hey, there is nothing much I can do here”, “He is the one. Go ask him”. Any of these sound familiar to you? If you are the one saying these, notice the words that you used. So what’s the big deal and benefit of taking 100% responsibility? When you take Personal Responsibility, you take charge even when things go wrong. You are the driver of your own bus. But the moment you start to push responsibility and blame others, you are implying that others take control of your life, isn’t it? And others are driving your bus.  

When I used to coach others, the common response when a person did not get their goal is that they will find tons of reasons why they did not reach their goal. That’s a good start – they have identified the problems. Unfortunately, that’s what they did and they simply did not learnt from it and ask themselves what they MUST do to reach their outcome. So why some decide not to take responsibility even they knew it was important? Ask yourself this , which one is easier – take responsibility or blame others? You see why people behave in the way they do? 


This is my personal favorite “Winners pay the Price of Success”. Success in whatever forms, tangible or intangible, does not drop from the sky. You want to be RICH, you got to pay the Price to be Rich. You want to be Successful, you got to pay the Price to be Successful. You want to have a Happy Family, you have to pay the Price to have a Happy Family. Lots of effort are involved. One of my favorite quote goes “The harder you work, the luckier you get” ~ Donald Trump. Most of us only see the end result of the successful people whether they are rich, famous, or simply happy but not many saw what they have done to achieved their success. One good example is that a participant was saying that being in the sales line such as Insurance or Real Estate makes big bucks. When I asked them why won’t they themselves do it? They replied: “No CPF. No employer’s CPF. No medical benefits. No leave. No regular salary.” You see? They know how much a Top Salesman will make. But are they willing to pay the price to get to the Top?What about you?

My personal take, whoever is up there, they deserved to be up there. You can make a Choice today to be one of them!

Have a great week ahead!

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Cayden Chang
Founder & Director, Mind Kinesis Management International
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree
Co-author, “Do You Have What It Takes To Be BOSS?”
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