1. How Ice Bucket Challenge does come about?

Corey Griffin who has the idea for the ice bucket challenge after his good friend;Pete Frates was diagnosed with ALS in 2012. Corey was inspired to help his friend and raise awareness for the disease. The ice bucket challenge took off, and raised over $20 million for ALS research.

Ice Bucket Challenge                                                                               

                                 2.Why are they doing this Ice Bucket Challenge?

For charity, specifically to raise money in support of the ALS Association. If you accept the challenge, you still need to donate money,$1 is fine, $10 is great. ALS recommends $35, $60, or $120, though you can donate however much you like..          


                              3.  The rules to the Ice Bucket Challenge

I. Get Challenged (Celebrity/ Politicians that get challenged) *click on the image to zoom in


II. Accept The Challenge


IV.  Dump Ice Water On Your Head and Donate 


V. Film Your Masterpiece

VI. Celebrity, Politicians and Sport Stars doing Ice Bucket Challenge


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