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It’s Saturday and it’s a great start to a weekend and a coming new week.
It was a hectic week for me as usual with the launch of a new programme that focus on generating passive income leveraging on Value Investing, a methodology created by the richest investor on the planet by the name of Warren Buffet.

The Economic Crisis for Singapore is over while some European countries start to have financial challenges. Why am I sharing with you this? I want to share how you can ‘start to see’ plenty of opportunities.

One key factor that helps you or blinds you from seeing opportunities is your ‘Attitude’. Some people called in ‘Mindset’. In NLP terms, we call it ‘Filters’. Imagine 2 people are presented with an event, these 2 people will response differently depending on their filters. The negative one will find the event a problem & an extra piece of work. The positive one will perceive it as an opportunity. Let me give you a real-life example. When the economic crisis started in late 2008, many people find it extremely challenging especially there were plenty of news about restructuring or retrenchment. Yes, it’s true. It’s also true that during this period of time, it’s a once-in-life-time opportunity where you can become richer. Why? Because, it is also during the same period where great investors like Warren Buffet enters the stock market and purchase lots and lots of good stocks at a huge discounted price when the stock market plunge.

So while you are reading this, you may be thinking how can you change your attitude/mindset such that you can start seeing opportunities. Let me share with you how you can consciously carry out the following:
1) Work on your thoughts
When you caught yourself having negative thoughts, ask ‘what positive lessons can I learn from this event?’
2) Change your speech pattern
When you use negative words (eg. Complain, gossip, etc.). Make a conscious effort to stop and use positive words.
3) Modify behaviour
When you notice yourself exhibiting negative behaviour, do a physical change by thinking of something positive, good or something that you are happy about. Actively visualise yourself performing that positive behaviour.

It takes time to change your mindset if it’s deeply ingrained. However, it CAN be done. The moment you start seeing opportunities, that’s when fortunes and other results start to flow it.

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Cayden Chang
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