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In the early part of May, I travelled to Omaha, State of Nebraska to attend Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual General Meeting. Before that, I travelled around Omaha, visited some of Warren Buffett’s companies and attended a Value Investor Conference at University of Nebraska, Omaha.

So what’s my purpose of this trip? What is this trip got to do with NLP?

Numerous people that I have met in life have always wanted to achieve success in their life, whether is it in their career, personal development, relationship, health, etc. The question is HOW! If I want to be the Top 5% sales person in my company, HOW do I become one? If I want to be a very good communicator or public speaker, HOW do I become one? If I want to feel driven and motivated every day, HOW do I go about doing it?

The SECRET is simple (but not easy to do) – To MODEL after people WHO HAVE BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

For example, if you want to the Top 5% sales person in my company, who will have the answer? Do you seek the bottom 5% sales person for advice? Of course not. So who should you talk to? That’s right! The TOP 5% sales person.

Why them? Because they are the ones who knows exactly what’s to be done to become the TOP 5% because they have been there done that. Most people did not get what they want because they ask the wrong people. People who have NOT been there done that or people who have claimed to have been there done that. So HOW do you differentiate between those who have PRODUCED RESULTS and those who claimed? Easy. Just look at the results that they have achieved in their life!

So if it’s that simple, then everyone will become highly successful. But why isn’t it so?

Before I answer the above question, let me show you some photos of those whom I have learnt from in the aspect of Value Investing (www.investment-in-stocks.com) & about Warren Buffett, the Greatest Investor of All times.

The following photos show those Brilliant Minds that I have met at Value Investor Conference 2013 (Held at University of Nebraska):

Scott Thompson (Left), Founder and managing director of Intrinsic Value Capital Management

Me (Middle),

Dr Bud Labitan (Labitan Partners LLC)

Michael Shearn, Founder, Time Value of Money LP (Left), Me (Right)

Me (Left) & Howard Marks, Founder of Oaktree Capital (Right)

Me (Left), Scott Phillips, Lauren Templeton Capital Mgmt (Right)

Lawrence Cunningham, Professor of Law at George Washington University (Left), & Me (Right) 

Me (Left), Steve Jordon, World-Herald reporter on “everything Buffett” (Right)

So if it’s that simple, then everyone will become highly successful. But why isn’t it so?

Simple does not mean easy. For example, your Sales Mentor whom you want to model after may tell you that in order for you need to be the TOP 5%, you will need to wake up at 6am, exercise 30 mins to keep your mind and body healthy and then make 100 cold calls per day, and you will have to do the same thing for 365 days consecutively.

Simple to understand, isn’t it? But is it easy to do? NO! It’s damn hard to do, which is why MOST people gave up. Lots of effort and hard work is required to turn your plans into results. Li Kashing, a Hong Kong Billionaire, has said that if you want to enjoy the success that the successful people have, you will need to go through what these successful people have gone through.

So the question is HOW can anyone learn the will power to carry out what they want in life?

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Have a GREAT Weekend!

Cayden Chang
Founder & Director, Mind Kinesis Management International & Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree
Co-author, “Do You Have What It Takes To Be BOSS?

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