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On my way back home yesterday evening, I saw a Malay lady sitting on a wheel chair. She was without legs and 2 forearms. Someone was pushing her on her wheelchair. For a moment, I realised that I was fortunate or rather most of us were fortunate to have all of our limbs intact including our 5 senses. She reminded me of a man without arms and legs by the name of Nick Vuijicic. Many people would have known Nick but I would like to share with you another man without arms and legs by the name of Kyle Maynard.

So who is this man? This man is a fighter, I mean it literally. He trains hard to be a fighter and he has partcipated in Mixed Martial Arts Competition fighting opponents who are physically abled. Watch the video here:

First Person: Congenital Amputee Ready for MMA

My question to you is this. If you are in a ring facing a trained fighter or just facing a huge crowd of strangers in which you are suppoosed to speak, how would you feel? Most people would either be anxious or fearful. So how do you overcome this anxiety/fear and be confident instead?

In order for you to be confident, you MUST first get this right – you MUST be FULLY PREPARED whether is it in a fight or simply public speaking. If you are not prepared about your speech or presentation or anything, don’t even talk about NLP. NLP comes after your 100% preparation.

Once done, the next tip is to think of your role model that is appropriate for the task that you are working with. For eg. if you are doing public speaking, think of your role model who can speak extremely well. After this, fully ASSOCIATE yourself into this person imagining that you are “taking over” his body such that you stand like this person, talk like this person and carry the confidence like this person.

You will be surprised how powerful this simple NLP technique can be. This will be one tool where you can transform Fear into Power!

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