“99% of The People Got It All Wrong” ~ Jack Ma

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Hi Friends

This man is the founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses. He is the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes. As of November 2014, he is the richest man in China and 18th richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $29.7 billion. This man is called Jack Ma or Ma Yun (马云). See picture below. So why did he say that 99% got it ALL WRONG when it comes to being successful?


95% of the people got it ALL WRONG. Why did a company employ you?

• Company employed you is not to work but to solve problems.
• The purpose of employing a person is to solve problems, not to create problems.
• If you can’t discover a problem or solve a problem, you are the problem.
• How big a problem you can solve determines how high the position you sit.
• How many problems you can solve determine how much pay you collect.

That’s why problems are your opportunities.

1. Company’s problems: they are opportunities for you to improve.
2. Clients’ problems: they are opportunities for you to improve your service.
3. Own problems: they are opportunities for you to grow.
4. Colleagues’ problems: they are opportunities for you to collaborate.
5. Boss’s problems: they are opportunities for you to build trust
6. Competitors’ problems: they are opportunities for you to be stronger.

Jack Ma also shared that people lose out in life because of these 4 reasons:

1. Being myopic to opportunity
2. Looking down on opportunities
3. Lacking understanding
4. Failing to act quickly enough

Jack Ma also furthered shared his TOP 5 SECRETS to BECOME EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL ……… which will be shared in our COMING FREE NLP MASTERCLASS in which you will learn HOW to:
• Stay Motivated, Remove Procrastination and Reduce Stress Level
• Creates a Powerful Driving Force that Motivates You to Produce Results
Breakthrough your Limiting Beliefs that is Stopping You
• Remove Bad Habits and Install Positive Behaviour
• Build Instant Rapport & Influence People to Help You
Overcome fear in public speaking





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Dear Friends

Having being a speaker myself for so many years speaking to more than 40,000 people around Asia, I have some favourite questions in which I love to ask the participants to make an important point. Let us play this activity.

I want you to look at the picture of the boy shown below and ask yourself the following questions:
1. What is something special about this boy? (List 1)
2. What are the things that this boy can’t do? (List as many as possible)
3. If this boy can’t do those things that you have mentioned, what will be the life that this boy going to have? A good life or a bad life?

Young Nick

From my experience, close to 100% of the participants that I have trained will say that this boy is going to have a bad life in the future. Let me show you how he looks like right now. By the way, I did not tamper this photo with any photo editing software. This young man really have no arms and legs.

Nick V1

Some of you may have seen him on TV or on the Internet. His name is Nick Vuijicic. The first time I met him face to face was during this year’s motivational event called National Achievers Congress 2014 where I happened to be the speaker and I had a brief encounter with Nick.

With Nick Vujici

Through one wonderful lady called Kelly Chew, I managed to meet up with Nick Vuijicic again during a media session where Nick was sharing with the entire room his life experience and his latest brain child which is a online magazine called “Attitude is Altitude”.


What’s IMPORTANT are 3 LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL TIPS that I have learnt from Nick:

1. It’s NOT what you don’t have, but what you DO with what you HAVE

In case you are not aware, since Nick’s first speaking engagement at age 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions, sometimes in stadiums filled to capacity, speaking to a range of diverse groups such as students, teachers, young people, business professionals and church congregations of all sizes. Today this dynamic young man has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime. He’s an author, musician, actor, and his hobbies include fishing, painting and swimming. You may be wondering how is it possible that he can do things like fishing, painting and swimming without hands and legs? Look at the jaw-dropping photos below:

Nick swims ……

Nick Swims

He plays golf ……..

Nick Golf

He surfs ……

Nick Surfs

 Yes, and he is happily married with a son.

Nick Family

 So what are the things you BELIEVE you CAN DO to make a difference in your own life?

2. Attract People by Focusing on Who You Truly Can Become

During the media session, a lady from the local newspaper asked Nick how he can become a good father when he do not have hands, legs and can’t even hug his son even he wants to? This question was really very direct but Nick’s answer was professional and mind blowing. Guess what he said? Nick mentioned that even though he does not have any arms to hug his son but he will do his utmost best to become a FATHER so great that his son will come and hug him instead. As a father of 2 little girls myself, that did not come across my mind and Nick’s way of looking at his relationship between him and his son just changed my perspective of how we may choose to love our children. Check out this photo below. Anything else to say?

Nick with Son

 3. Being GRATEFUL. Just being Grateful!

Half Full

If you look at the 2 cups above, do you think that the cup is half empty or half full? Some of you may think it’s half empty while some of you may think that it’s half full. There are no right or wrong answers. There are only perspectives. One key thing that I have learnt after surviving my first encounter with cancer in 2010 and my most recent stage 4 cancer just a few weeks ago is that it does not matter whether the glass is half full or half empty. Be grateful that there is a glass and there is something in it. For that, I am grateful to Kelly Chew and Elim Chew who has invited me to the media session to meet Nick Vuijicic and I am glad that I will be having a coffee session sometime next week with Elim Chew (Founder of 77th Street). It’s my honour and I am grateful!

Watch a short clip of Nick Vuijicic here (I used my iPhone 4 to shoot, so forgive me for the quality) and please please support his Attitude is Altitude Magazine at www.facebook.com/NickVujicic & www.facebook.com/aiamag:

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Free NLP Master Class Logo

Cayden Chang

Founder of Mind Kinesis NLP Academy

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Hi Friends

Last week, I have written about Part 1 of our 3-part series. Now it’s our 2nd instalment.

Here are 5 more.


This man needs no introduction. But there are a few things that you may not know about Branson:

(i) He suffered from Dyslexia – Wikipedia defines Dyslexia as someone who is “characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal intelligence”

(ii) He cried when he had 1 more billion dollars – I would probably be slapping myself to make sure that it wasn’t a dream but Branson cried. Why? At the 40th celebration of Virgin Records, Branson sold the record label more than 20 years ago for $1 billion. He cried because he felt as though he was selling his baby for money. “Of course, it was very hard – it’s like selling your children,” Branson said in an interview with Reuters. “I mean, you build something from scratch, we had just signed Janet Jackson, we had just signed the Rolling Stones when we sold it, and I remember running down Ladbroke Grove, tears streaming down my face with the check for a billion dollars.” Subsequently years after, he used the money to build one of the world’s commercial space travel company called Virgin Galactic making space travel a reality for me and you (provided you have US$250,000 to spare to buy 1 ticket). “We wouldn’t be building spaceships today if it hadn’t been for that (sale) so it was the right decision,” Branson told Reuters.

(iii) Virgin Airline started on a Blackboard – During a conference in August 2013, Branson recounted how he started Virgin Airline:

“I was in my late twenties, so I had a business, but nobody knew who I was at the time. I was headed to the Virgin Islands and I had a very pretty girl waiting for me, so I was determined to get there on time. At the airport, my final flight to the Virgin Islands was cancelled because of maintenance or something. It was the last flight out that night. I thought this was ridiculous, so I went and chartered a private airplane to take me to the Virgin Islands, which I did not have the money to do. Then, I picked up a small blackboard, wrote “Virgin Airlines. $29.” on it, and went over to the group of people who had been on the flight that was cancelled. I sold tickets for the rest of the seats on the plane, used their money to pay for the chartered plane, and we all went to the Virgin Islands that night.

Now you know the size of Branson’s mindset.

So what have I learnt from Branson?

Belief to Embrace: “Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You will then have to catch up with them” ~ Sir Richard Branson.




Who is this man any way? I have first heard about this guy (how dare I use the phrase “this guy”) when I attended a workshop in KL. I did some research and I found this guy absolutely amazing. Can you believe that he wants to put man onto Mars? Elon Musk is an engineer and entrepreneur who had co-founded PayPal and currently drives strategy, development and design at two companies he created, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Tesla Motors, and oversees a third company, SolarCity, which he co-founded. He led SpaceX’s efforts to be the first private company to successfully launch and dock a spacecraft with the international space station.

Please watch this video below to really really know who is Elon Musk.

I have always heard people talking about “Thinking Big” but what’s really “Thinking Big”. I got to realized what “Thinking Big” was when I saw this quote by Elon Musk:


Belief to Embrace: “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.” ~ Elon Musk.

3. ESTEE LAUDER (1908 – 2004)

If you are a lady reading this post, you would have heard this name which is synonymous with cosmetics. The company began in 1946 when Joseph Lauder and his wife Estée Lauder (Josephine Esther Mentzer) began producing cosmetics in New York City. She has been known to love her company so much that she wants to do everything herself. Starting from skin creams created by her chemist uncle, she sold  them at beauty shops and resorts until the establishment of their first department store account with Sakd Fith Avenue in New York. Estée Lauder’s Clinique brand became the first women’s cosmetic company to introduce a second line for men when, in 1976, they began a separate line called “Skin Supplies for Men”, which continues to be sold at Clinique counters worldwide.

Estee Lauder.

Beliefs to Embrace: “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” ~ Estée Lauder

4. Milton Hershey (1857 – 1945)

Milton Hershey

At the age of 14, Hershey, who had dropped out of school the year before, expressed an interest in candy making and began apprenticing with a master confectioner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Four years later, Hershey borrowed $150 from his aunt and set up his own candy shop in the heart of Philadelphia. Despite working hard for 5 years, unfortunately, things did not work out. He has to closed his shop and he went to Denver to search for his dad. It’s also in Denver that he work with a confectioner and he discovered caramel and how fresh milk could be used to make it. But he wasn’t happy to work for someone. He decided to gave it another shot again in Chicago and later in New York City, but both venture failed. In 1883, he returned to Lancaster and, still convinced he could build a successful candy company, started the Lancaster Caramel Company. He later started Hershey Chocolate Company. Fast forward, Hershey’s winning ideas included the Hershey Kiss in 1907, which the company’s founder named himself. The trademark foil wrapper was added in 1924.

I love his story. Watch Part 1 of this story here:

You can watch the rest of his documentary in YouTube by searching for his name.

I love one of his quotes to know how philanthropic he was:

Beliefs to Embrace: “If I ever become rich, I am going to use my money to build schools to give every boy and girl an opportunity to get an education.”  ~ Milton Hershey

5. Levi Strauss (1829 – 1902) 


Yes, the above man is the Founder of Levi’s. He may not looked as cool as Levi’s jeans but he sure is a man that you can learn a lot from.

In 1853, the California gold rush was in full swing, and everyday items were in short supply. Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, left for San Francisco with a small supply of dry goods. After his arrival, a prospector wanted to know what Mr. Levi Strauss was selling. When Strauss told him he had rough canvas to use for tents and wagon covers, the prospector said, “You should have brought pants!,” saying he couldn’t find a pair of pants strong enough to last.

Levi Strauss eventually use the canvas and made them into waist overalls. But the miners complained that they tended to chafe. Levi Strauss then replaced a twilled cotton cloth from France called “serge de Nimes.” The fabric later became known as denim and the pants were nicknamed blue jeans. In 1873, Levi Strauss & Company began using the pocket stitch design. Levi Strauss and a Reno Nevada-based Latvian tailor by the name of Jacob Davis co-patented the process of putting rivets in pants for strength. On May 20, 1873, they received a patent. This date is now considered the official birthday of “blue jeans.”

This is the story of Levi Strauss:

Belief to Embrace: “The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.” ~ Levi Strauss.

Every time I write something, I have learnt something. What have you learnt today?

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Cayden Chang Founder & Director,

Mind Kinesis Management International & Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree

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NLP SINGAPORE – “LIFE PURPOSE – Transforming Lives, Transforming Self”

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Hi Friends

I was in Penang International Airport last month waiting for a plane to come back home when I saw this posting. It will be the GREATEST Present that I have ever received for this year!

Janet Testimonial Part 1

Janet Testimonial Part 2Janet Testimonial Part 3


<<So many of us go through life without knowing what to do, without a purpose, or maybe having a dream but never finding time to fulfill these dreams. Most will easily come up with reasons for not doing so. However, you’ve really never lived life till you lived it purposefully. Once you discover or rediscover your life purpose, that’s your compass, bearing direction in your choices in life. You do things that are aligned with your purpose and you know when to let go of certain time occupiers that do not serve that purpose. The ONE most critical training I attended my entire life is the NLP course by an ex-colleague and now friend and mentor, Cayden Chang.

Even though I had known for some time what my life mission is, I never really took it seriously, just floating along, got sidetracked, mixed with wrong company that got me so high and dry on some hollow friendship, and made a terrible life mistake that thrusted me into depression and felt that life wasn’t worth living. On the outside, I was wearing a facade of happiness, bubbly and friendly. Deep inside, I was hurting badly and felt I was living just so my loved ones do not have to grief. When Cayden first asked the class what we would want to do if we knew we only had a few weeks, days or months to live. I told the class there was nothing I’d do as I was ready to go. By Day 6 of NLP, this had changed.

At the NLP basic practitioner training and later master practitioner training, I rediscovered my life purpose. Untangled myself from the negative people that I got involved with, cleared my negative emotions and guilt, integrated a conflict that I had held with regard to making money whilst doing charity, learned and explored strategies for self life coaching and facing up to an unavoidable extended family member who’d been mentally abusing me for close to 20 years. Through it all, I completed my master’s degree and though I got nominated for two awards (based on research excellence and GPA) but didn’t win any, I emerged a winner. I’ve won over the demons in me: fear, conceitedness, procrastination, insecurity, negativity, etc. The list can go on and on. Other than my supportive husband who is always the buoy that keeps me afloat, NLP training at the NLP Singapore – Mind Kinesis NLP Academy is the lifeline thrown to me, the one that got me ashore. Borrowing the lyrics from the song ‘Passion’, the purpose (future) before me, the past behind me, there’s no turning back.

With NLP, I’ve opened the door for myself to a community of positive, supportive and encouraging NLP practitioner friends. I’ve also gone on to attend another training in Value Investing (VI) by Cayden’s company and started investing and earning passive income. Every now and then, in Facebook, these two communities of practitioners (NLP and VI) will “nudge” me on my dreams and my life purpose, with their reflections, announcements and sharing of their achievements of the various milestones and life goals. This sharing by Cayden below is one of them. Life is constantly throwing us the unexpected, the unpleasant,  the irksome somebody or some events. I can’t stop these from coming. But I am now better, much better equipped with the resources and community of support to face these. Unconsciously, I’m also starting to be more reflective, something I deem a positive transformation in me. Of course, NLP is not the panacea to all downs in life. It doesn’t mean I will never ever cry, fear, procrastinate, make mistakes or fail. Like what my best friend and sis-in-Christ Dorothy said, I am still the sinner, but a saved sinner. I am still the fallible human, but a more resourceful human, with the necessary mental resources to cope with the spectrum of life experiences.That is why I always have Cayden (who survived renal cancer in 2010) in my prayer. His work is transforming people’s lives. I sincerely hope he can continue to transform many more lives. And this all started with Cayden himself having the life purpose to motivate and empower people to reach their destiny.

READ CAYDEN’S REFLECTION at: http://www.nlpinsingapore.com/inspiration-story/nlp-singapore-finding-your-purpose-in-life

READ INTERVIEW WITH CAYDEN CHANG BY MY AWARD-WINNING BUSINESS & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER COUSIN, GRACE TAN at: http://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/interview-with-cayden-chang/>>


It’s the usual month where Christmas is near and festive mood is in the air.

I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Brand New Year where ALL your Dreams will come TRUE!

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Cayden Chang

Founder & Director, Mind Kinesis Management International & Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree

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Hi Friends

It was a wonderful evening yesterday (2/12/2013) at Learnathon 2013.

I just wish to share with you some of my LEARNING LESSONS:

1) HAPPINESS – by 11pm, there weren’t many people left in the auditorium but we continued with the programme to sing “We are the World”. Even though not many people were there to cheer, the remaining audience was awesome – they sing with us. This is the moment where I felt that the effort was well well worth it.


2) MEETING A BUSINESS ROLE MODEL, Ms ELIM CHEW – Just in case you do not know who she is. Ms Elim Chew  is the founder of the street wear brand, 77th Street. She co-founded Singapore Street Festival – a platform for showcasing local talents in areas such as performing arts, visual art forms, fashion, entertainment and sports, The Young Entrepreneur Mastery (TYEM) – a non-profit academy that supported youth entrepreneurship and inculcated an entrepreneurial mindset in out-of-school youths. Elim was also a founding member and director of the Social Innovation Park (SIP), a social enterprise incubator which aimed to provide a replicable set of integrated services and resources that would help create a platform to support social entrepreneurs’ business models that advocated societal change. Through this platform, she championed Pop and Talent Hub, the first social enterprise talent development platform in Singapore which gathered talents from social homes, institutions and also professional artists to sell their artworks with the objective of making them self-reliant.

She has been my Facebook friend for quite a while and I have been wanting to meet her. I have watched her Canon Think Big campaign, how she started helping others to start Social Enterprises and her ability to start a successful business from a hair stylist. I got to take a photo with her and also together with my staffs. A dream came true.


3) MEETING ADAM KHOO – the last time I met him was years ago and after he spoke, I went over, said hello and had an enjoyable conversation chatting about how he started his fund, etc. I was happy catching up with him. How lives have changed within a few years.


4) Meeting KC See – went for his preview when I was in my 20s where his course was called Certified Professional Trainer. I still remembered during those days, he was charging $6000+ for this course. I wanted so much to attend the course but I have no money. Fast forward 15 yrs+, I am glad to see him on stage where he talks about his life experience. After his segment, we spoke at our booth and we had a little chat. Exchanged name card and he was saying about collaboration in Malaysia. Looking forward to meeting him.


5) PATRICK LIEW (CEO of HSR Property Group), ROGER KOH (CEO of Chen Fu Ji Restaurant) Patrick Liew, Volunteers, the Entire Committee – saw how hard each of them work. Saw how the volunteers were helping the entire event. Since the onset of the event and I agreed to help, it was less than 10 days. I am aware of how Patrick called each of the speakers seeking help. It was like making cold calls. I saw how Patrick & Roger drive the event inside the Closed Group. It was madness! But they did it!


6) CHARITY & the CONCEPT OF MONEY – I was amazed by the stories Jerome told on stage on how he gave away a few hundred dollars when he only have a thousand dollar left and how he believed that you don’t have to worry about money. He also shared how his previous biz partner left about $900K of unfulfilled training engagements with about $100K in the bank. He took over the biz and cleared the fulfillments.


In a nutshell, I have grown another inch taller and I wish the same for you too.

To chat with me, join our Free NLP Workshop by clicking on this link:  Free NLP Workshop.

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Cayden Chang
Founder & Director,
Mind Kinesis Management International & Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree
BSc(Hons), MSc


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