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Hi Friends

In about a few days time, year 2011 will be over and we will be welcoming year 2012. Have you ever looked back in time and ask yourself what have you achieved so far? You might be thinking that time really flies and while you are so busy with your daily life that you almost forgot what you have done. Or you might just be thinking about what have you achieved for the past one year? Have you been achieving what you want out of your life or have you been procrastinating and postponing most of your plans? Well, whatever that have happened or not happened, they are already in the past. What is going to happen in the future is what are you going to do about NOW!

It’s been more than 1 year after I have battled kidney cancer. I was lucky. I lived but not some of them of the patients. One of the biggest takeaway for me is the importance of TIME. That’s all we have to live the life that we have always wanted.

In this Blog, I wished to share with you how I lived my life the way I wanted a year after cancer. My intention is to inspire you to live the life that you wanted, not what others expect of you.


I love my job. I really do. 2 days after I was diagnosed with cancer, my life goes on. Some may be thinking that I am crazy but I was determined to live life as normal as possible. I run my trainings as usual, launched my 1st book titled ‘Do You Have What IT Takes To Be BOSS?’ and was interviewed by The Straits Times for having the intention of donating ALL sales proceeds of the books to The Straits Times School Pocket Fund.

A month after a massive surgery to remove my tumour, I was back to work even though I was not supposed to. I simply missed my life. My NLP Trainings carried on and I successfully launched 2 brands: Mind Kinesis NLP Academy (which specialised in NLP Training) and Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy, which has the FIRST Singapore Value Investing Programme that is recommended by Mary Buffett, the Internationally Acclaimed Author & Speaker of the International Best Sellers ‘Buffettology’, ‘Tao of Warren Buffett’, ‘The Management Secrets of Warren Buffett’ and my company was featured in The ShareInvestment Magazine. We are now collaborating with huge partners in Singapore to launch some of the biggest events in Asia in 2012 as well as 2 new product launches. It will be an exciting new year! 


The journey to Mastery does not have a destination. It’s an Ultra-Ironman Race where we should never stop learning. That’s how we grow and get better each year, so that we in turn, we can help others. Despite the busy schedule, I am happy to have successfully completed 4 Certification Trainings this year in which one took place in Brighton, United Kingdom where I have met new friends from all parts of the world. One of my Mexican friend, Agustin, even flew from Mexico to take part in my Value Investing Programme (VIP). It was awesome seeing him. On average, I sticked to my plan of reading at least 2 personal development articles per day with posting of some on my company’s Fanpage at NLP Singapore ( and Value Investing Academy ( In total, I would have read more than 700 articles in a year.


This is the most important of all. However, most of us have ignored it and keep postponing exercising. I want to jog but I do not like jogging. So what I did was to tag a worthwhile purpose to it – Run with a Purpose. The most memorable run I had was the ‘Run for Hope’ 10km run where I did a few months back and I bumped onto Dr William Tan, one of my role model in terms of fighting spirit. In case you do not know who Dr William Tan is, just imagine a man on a wheel chair that does his tons of marathons not only on land but on ice, yes, on ice in Antartica. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Cancer and he is till undergoing treatment. The doctor has advised him to not do his marathon anymore. Guess what he did. He switched to Table Tennis. He epitomised the Human Spirit.

I also picked up one sport in which I wanted to do for a long time – Muay Thai. I loved Martial Arts since I was a kid and I have done Shorinji Kempo, Judo & Nam Wah Pai (Black Black 1st Dan). Great to start learning to kick butts or my butts being kicked :)


My goal each year was to run a charity event for my preferred organization with a cause. One of the memorable one was that I organized a event for children who are beneficiaries of the Children Cancer Foundation. It was a simple event where we gather children who have survived cancer to play some games with scientific toys. Their parents came along and we had great fun. What’s meaningful about this event is that the parents appreciate my intention and they said ‘Thanks!”. Nothing is more heart-warming than that. For 2012, one of the organization that I target to help is Tan Tock Seng Hospice Care Centre. This is an organization where it is helping patients with a life span of not more than 12 months. It was also the same organization that has helped my mum when she was diagnosed with terminal stage lung cancer and was given 3 months to live. I was too poor then to give back after graduating from NUS with a huge debt years back, but now I could. It’s time to pay it forward! 

Other than doing things for a social purpose, I spent time with my friends as well. In case you do not know, most of my friends are my trainees and my trainees are my friends. This may be one of the reason why people love to attend my NLP Trainings or Value Investing Trainings. I can take their cause seriously and personally. Please watch one of our Yacht Gathering Videro here:


Well, I intentionally leave this segment to the last. No matter how much fortune I have made, how others perceived me as successful or how much glory that I had, are these really important?

I was lying on my death bed more than a year ago, and guess what comes to my mind? I have always dreamt of having  happy family with 2 children. To me, this will complete my life. Unfortunately, after I had my 1st child and wanted to have a 2nd one, I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. My world collapsed. Nothing appears to matters anymore other than just spending a moment more with my family. My dream no longer can be fulfilled ……………….

It means more than a year now, and you know what? As I am typing this Blog on Christmas Day, I just had my 2nd little girl yesterday wher she was born on the eve of Christmas. A great Christmas Gift indeed!

If you are reading this Blog now, let me share with you a of my favorite quote by Dr Randy Paush who passed away because of terminal stage pancreatic cancer:

“Live your life properly, and the dreams will come to you” ~ Dr Randy Paush, ‘The Last Lecture’.

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!


Chat with me by attending our Free NLP Workshop.

Have a GREAT Christmas and an Awesome Year ahead!

Cayden Chang
Founder & Director, Mind Kinesis Management International
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree
Co-author, “Do You Have What It Takes To Be BOSS?”

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NLP Success Story – Cayden Chang

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I’d like to share with you my own personal success story with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

It’s good to wonder and it actually works because I have personally transformed myself from an academic underachiever to a top corporate high flyer to a business owner (doing what I love) with a national award called Lifelong Learner Award 2008 awarded to me by the Singapore Minister of Manpower (Mr Gan Kim Yong) and the award was authorized by WDA (Singapore Workforce Development Agency), SPRING Singapore, NTUC (National Trade Union Congress) and Mediacorp Singapore (see picture below).

I was also being featured on TODAY newspaper on 25th Nov 2008 (see below) as well as …….

….Singapore’s Radio Station 938 Live (see below):

I was a video game addict when I was in Junior College. I was so addicted to it that it costs me my future. I did so bad during my ‘A’ Levels examination that I have to re-sit for 3 times. I was branded an academic failure and my self-esteem was extremely low thinking that it’s got to do with my low IQ.

But my life changed when I first met with the revolutionary success technology called Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) when I was reading some books on the topic. By applying what I have learnt, I got into National University of Singapore (NUS). During that era, only 1 out of 10 Singaporeans can get into a local university. To think that life would be better after I got into NUS, it was not. It was a real test of my commitment and perseverance. Without any money to study, I had to work and study at the same time. With classes starting as early as 9am, it ended at 5pm on most days. I had to rush to my workplace by 7pm and work till 10:30pm daily. By the time I got home, it was already 11:30pm. There was hardly any time for my studies, rest, leisure or friends. Even worse, my father succumbed to heart failure a week before my 3rd year examination. It was so sudden and painful.

With the help from NLP, I was able to stay motivated, positive and managed my emotions while continuing to cope with the loss of my father, study and work at the same time. I subsequently graduated with 3 degrees – a Bachelor of Science (Merit) in Biology, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Zoology and a Master of Science (e-Business) from the National University of Singapore.

My mum’s key wish was to see me make her proud by being the 1st university graduate in the family. I did just that when I had my Bachelor of Science degree. She was so proud of me that on our way back after graduation in a taxi, she was holding my mortar cap tightly in her arms with a gentle and warm smile on her face. But she did not get to see my second and degree graduation as she passed away later a year later with lung cancer. With the loss of my mum, I was able to manage my emotions, stay positive in life using the power of NLP.

Having been working in the corporate world for many years, I was consistently ranked in the top 5% where I manage millions of dollars of operation and more than two thousand over staffs. I have achieved this feat because I have used my knowledge of NLP and model after successful corporate high flyers.

I have also co-founded an award-winning educational board game (MOE Innergy award 2003) which was featured in Channel 8, Channel U, Kids Central and LianHeZaoBao. With a strong passion about learning and inspiring other to learn, I gave up my high paying job and set up my current training company. Using the knowledge that I have acquired, I created a success framework, combined it with the cutting edge of NLP and founded Mind Kinesis Management International LLP offering a series of NLP-based life-skill training programmes for adults and children.

I believe in living life above the line and my purpose in life is “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny”. Have you found yours?

Let me share with you how by attending our Free NLP Workshop NOW!

Founder & Director
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award Winner 2008
Licensed NLP Trainer

Master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in Singapore
Your Journey to Success Starts with NLP Singapore Blog

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NLP Master Practitioner

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The Roadmap to Success (NLP Master Practitioner Training) is about mastery:
  • You will move upwards from an apprentice to a master of NLP.
  • You will learn more powerful NLP techniques and
  • How to utilise them from different angle to achieve success not only in your life but other people’s lives.
In order to attend this training, you must be a NLP Practitioner or have attended our Roadmap to Success I Programme.



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Today you are bombarded with personal development products of all kinds including those that offer NLP certification, so what makes MKMI’s Roadmap to Success Programme different from the other NLP courses?

  1. We are the ONLY NLP Training Institute in the WORLD to provide a STEP-BY-STEP framework to design a roadmap towards the life that you want & the success that you want to achieve.
  2. PLAN OF ACTION – We provide these materials which will help you apply the concepts of the lessons to your own situation progressively and develop your own unique plan for the achievement of personal goals.
  3. We are the ONLY institute that build powerful NLP personal development tools into your roadmap such that you know when and how to apply it .
  4. We leverage on the Whole Person Concept to help you focus on 6 areas of your life: (i) Career & Wealth, (ii) Personal development, (iii) Physical & Health, (iv) Family & Home, (v) Social & Cultural, (vi) Spiritual.
  5. We are the ONLY NLP Training Institute in the WORLD that provides 5 months of monthly follow-up coaching after your roadmap is completed to ensure that you achieve your first success that was mapped out. Once you have caught your 1st fish, you will know how to catch fishes for the rest of your life.
  7. FULL email support – You will have a LIFE TIME of FREE email support from the Master Trainer Cayden Chang himself such that you can be guided to recommend a course of action and tools to achieve the desired results, if you encounter any obstacles.
  8. Exclusive EGroup Success Network Membership – Communicate with other graduates 24 hours a day, no matter where your interest or business takes you through the Internet. Find people who will support in your journey towards success.
  9. 3 NLP Certifications: You will receive a NLP Practitioner Certification that meets the standards of American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) such that your certification has worldwide recognition. It is also approved by the Time Line Therapy Association and the American Board of Hynotherapy. You will also receive 2 more certification: NLP Coach and Life Coach from Mind Kinesis Management International LLP.



During our Roadmap to Success II (Global Master NLP Practitioner) Training you will learn:
  1. Quantum Linguistics – conversational change – Learn how to conversationally put present problems into the past and future solutions in the present – Learn how to use language as a resource for success – Discover how to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively during conversation – 16 ways of answering any kind of objection (Sleight of Mouth) – How to use a set of specific questions to direct your client’s thinking in a more positive way – Discover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness – A fail-safe negotiation model
  • Advanced Submodalities – Use hardwired neurological drivers to create lasting change – Learn how to manufacture designer SWISH patterns according to your client’s individual needs.
  • Advanced Strategies – Learn how to install strategies (formally and informally through the Logical Levels of Therapy process) – Advanced elicitation of strategies with particular business (sales, management) applications
  • Modeling – How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself – How to create a training program to install models of excellence


  • NLP and Quantum Physics – Simple and easy to understand introduction to quantum physics and personal change – why the human mind works more like Quantum Physics than Newtonian Physics and how to use that to create change with individuals – The holographic nature of the universe and why spontaneous healing occurs
  • Personal Values – one of your sources of personal happiness – Discover what motivates you, what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious source of ethics and fulfillment – Learn how to identify the part of values which do not serve and support you anymore – Identify and get rid of unconscious values conflicts – Thinking in relation to values and your personal evolution – How to change values so that they support your desires and growth – How to use values alignment in business, sales, management, relationships, etc.
  • Meta Programs – unconscious inner patterns that make you who you are – Discover how these inner filters make people have different skills and abilities – How to select the people you consider most suitable for certain jobs in a win-win situation (extremely valuable in business) – Learn how to elicit Meta Programs conversationally without intruding in client’s personal life


When you successfully complete this training you will be Certified as a Master NLP Practitioner, a Certified Master NLP Coach and a Certified Master Life Coach. Take action now!

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