Cayden Chang


Director & Founder

Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree

Master Trainer, Chief NLP Coach

Certified NLP Trainer (International Trainers Academy of NLP, American Board of NLP)

Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy (Time Line Therapy Association™)

Member of American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming


Cayden Chang is the Director and Founder of Mind Kinesis Management International LLP & Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd. He received his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer’s license from Dr John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll (International Trainers Academy of NLP).

He has also co-founded an award-winning educational board game (Ministry of Education Innergy award 2003), which was featured in Channel 8, Channel U, Kids Central and LianHeZaoBao. Some of Mind Kinesis’s clients include MINDEF,  Singapore Prison Services, Immigration & Checkpoints Security of Singapore (ICA), Certis Cisco Security Pte Ltd, Toshiba Tec (S) Pte Ltd, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd, Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd, etc.

Cayden graduated with 3 degrees; a Bachelor of Science degree (Merit) degree, Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree both from the School of Biological Sciences and a Master of Science degree in E-Business from the Business School of the National University of Singapore. He has also received the Lifelong Learners Award 2008 from the Minister of Manpower on 18th Nov 2008, Mr Gan Kim Yong and he was featured in “TODAY” newspaper, 938Live Online News, 938Live Radio Station, Mediacorp Xin.Sg and The Straits Times. He was subsequently featured in Shareinvestment, The Edge, and The Exquisite Magazine for sharing on how he went from broke to be a millionaire. He was featured in other media such as Channel News Asia & Money Mind.

In July 2010, he was diagnosed with Renal Cancer. Despite having this disease, he continued with the launched of his 1st charity project in August 2010, where he has donated all of the sales proceeds of his book titled ‘Do You Have What It Takes to Be BOSS?’, to ‘The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund’. This project was featured on 938Live Radio Station ‘The Living Room’ and The Straits Times. His fight with Renal Cancer was subsequently published in The Straits Times ‘Mind Your Body’ and he was also interviewed on 938Live Radio Station ‘A Slice of Life’. He was also featured in a full-page article in The Sunday Times on 10th Jun 2012.

His mission in life is “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny”.

Lifelong Learner Award

Received the ‘Lifelong Learner Award’ from the Minister of Manpower, Mr Gan Kim Yong in 2008 and featured in ‘TODAY’ on 25 Nov 2008.

98.3 Live Interview on 15th Jul 2010

Cayden Chang was interviewed by 938Live Radio Station on 15th Jul 2010 regarding his 1st Book ‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be BOSS?’

Straits Times Coverage: Donating Book Profits..

Cayden Chang was also featured by Straits Times on 14th Aug 2010 where he will donate ALL authors’ book sales proceeds to Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

98.3 Live Interview on 28 Feb 2011

Featured in 938Live Radio Station ‘A Slice of Life’ in 28 Feb 2011



Straits Times Coverage: Mind Your Body Article..

Is it just about our career and how much we make? NO! (See Straits Times ‘Mind Your Body’ Article dated 30th Sep 2010) “It’s about how you should live our life. If you live our life properly, the dreams will come to you.” Dr Randy Paush, ‘The Last Lecture’

ShareInvestment Magazine in Issue 419 (10 Oct 2011)

Featured in ShareInvestment Magazine in Issue 419 (10 Oct 2011)


Straits Times Coverage: Think section...

Cayden was also featured in a Full-page article on 10th Jun 2012. Click on the picture below to see the full article.

The Exquisite Coverage

Cayden was featured in an article on Jan – Feb 2013 Issue of ‘The Exquisite’ Magazine .

The Edge Coverage

Cayden was featured in an article on 20 – 26 Aug 2012 Issue of ‘The Edge’ Magazine .

Wealth Summit 2012

Cayden was featured in ‘Wealth Summit 2012’ speaking to crowd of 600 people organised by Success Resources.

National Achievers Congress 2013

Cayden was featured in ‘National Achievers Congress 2013’ speaking to crowd of 3,000+ people organised by Success Resources.