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A couple of days ago, I went to a local bookstore that sells personal books, bought more than $600 worth of books and asked for an old copy of ‘Success’ Magazine for free. The magazine is dated Jun/Jul 2008 with the title ’50 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time’ plus an interesting article about Paul J. Meyer. There was one article that Paul J. Meyer wrote titled ‘What It takes To Be a Winner’. It was a fascinating article for me because Paul walks the talk. When he was age 25, he build the largest insurance agency in North America recruiting more than 800 agents in 12 months. For the last 50 years, he has earned the about US$20 – US$50 million per year. 2 principles that he has used in his life was these:

1)       Winners are willing to pay the price of success

2)      Winners persist and persevere

Just to share that my little dream of publishing a book will be realised within the next 1  month. See book cover below:

I always have a vision of my 1st book being placed on the bookshelves of all major bookstores such as Popular, Times, MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya, etc. In addition, I have a vision where the book will be placed on the Best Selling rack of Popular Bookstores and I am sure it will come true. Publishing of this book was difficult right from the start as I need to look for business owners who want to sponsor the publication such that ALL the sales proceeds go to Straits Times School Pocket Fund. Initially, to attract these people, I started using the Internet to save cost. No one responded for a couple of months. I changed strategies and conducted Social Media Marketing Workshops to attract business owners. Wrong people came. They are here to look-see-look-see or they are mainly employees. I changed the ad that I have placed targeting only business owners. The crowd that came for my workshop dropped to a low level but at least more self-employed or business owners appeared. Took me about 4 months just to attract close to 20 business owners. Subsequent challenges set in when some sponsors wanted changes several times, this put me in a tight spot several times between my business partners and the sponsors as expectations were different. We managed to accommodate the differences and moved forward. Then comes to the design phase where more work needs to be done in terms of communication. A few days ago when I have told the Printing Company to start printing the book, our distributor shared that I might be infringing the copyright of other people because I used their quotes. I have to quickly asked the printing company to stop printing and with a friend’s friend who is a lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property. Fortunately, this lawyer said that using famous people’s quote does not constitute copyright infringement. That’s when I could sleep and told the printing company to continue to print. From the onset of the idea of this book until now, it took me more than 1 year to sort things out and overcome challenges. I am glad that I am almost at the end part of this race.

I target the books to be out by mid Jul and subsequently distributed to major bookstores by National Day. It’s the day that I have specially picked. The part that I am most proud of for this book is that ALL the sales proceeds will be donated to the Straits Times School Pocket Fund where the fund is is used to help poor students who do not have pocket money to eat or to go to school. I target the amount to be more than S$12,000.

It does not take a super rich person to do good or help others, it just takes a person with a heart. It does not take a Superman to overcome tough obstacles, it just takes a person who are willing to pay the price of success, persist and persevere.

Have a great weekend!

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Cayden Chang
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