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Now you understand what NLP is all about and a brief history of NLP. Ther next question is how do you use it to produce results for yourself?

One of the essence of NLP is NLP Modelling. In simple terms, NLP allows any individual to understand a the pattern of thoughts of any outstanding individuals (eg, Top sales people, top public speakers, top corporate executives, etc.) and run this set of programmes consciously in our mind to an extent that it becomes part of us (unconscious). When we need a certain behaviour such as confidence, bravery, motivation, etc., we just need to ‘switch on’ this patterns and let it run in our mind. That will unconscious produce any type of behaviour that we want. 

In a nutshell, when we want Confidence for Public Speaking, click on the ‘switch’ and Confidence is what we’ve got. When we want Motivation to do well in our work,  click on the ‘switch’ and Motivation is what we’ve got.

For a more technical explanation, you can watch John Grinder ‘s (Co-founder of NLP) video below:

A simpler explanation by Anthony Robbins:

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