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Some of you may heard this name before – Anthony Robbins or Tony Robbins. Who is this guy anyway?

This man started his carreer as a janitor, yes, a janitor (ie. cleaner), who eventually made millions through the power of NLP. Robbins began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn, a business philosopher, who passed away on 5 Dec 2009. According to Robbins, Jim Rohn taught him that “happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life.”

Watch Part 1 of his Biography here:

Later part of his years, Robbins began teaching NLP after training with co-founder of NLP, Dr John Grinder. In 1983, Robbins learned firewalk from Tolly Burkan and began to incorporate it into his seminars. Robbins also teaches Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) though in my opinion, it’s just a renaming of NLP.

My question for you is this – If you are to talk to any janitor that is working within your vicinity and you ask him whether will he become a millionaire in the future, what will he say? He will probably think that you are crazy. But if you could turn back time and ask Anthony Robbins the same question, what will he say? Do you see what thoughts that go inside the mind changes your future entirely?

Ask yourself this question when you look at the mirror every single day ‘ “Who do you see yourself as?”. Whatever your answser is, you are right. You simply becomes you who think you are. If you think that you are not good enough, you really are because you will never do things that will make you good enough simply because you do not think that day will come. If you think that you are confident, you really are, because you will do things that will further enhance this confidence simply because you strongly believe that was true. How we look at ourselves and our thoughts manifest into our behaviour which 100% determines our FUTURE!

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Cayden Chang
Founder & Director, Mind Kinesis Management International
BSc(Hons), MSc
Lifelong Learner Award 2008 Honouree
Co-author, “Do You Have What It Takes To Be BOSS?”

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